Zinc Spray

SPN - 2413

SANPRA ZINC  Spray offers ultra-long term corrosion protection for metal components requiring a permanent zinc-rich mid-grey coating. Ideal for components that cannot be galvanised using a hot dip process. It can also be used to repair the surface of galvanised components that have been damaged or repaired prior to welding or other mechanical operations.

Protect metal surfaces from corrosion and rust with SANPRA Zinc Spray. Our spray contains a high concentration of zinc particles in a solvent base that creates a durable, sacrificial layer of zinc coating that prevents the underlying metal from corroding.
SANPRA Zinc Spray is a reliable and effective solution for protecting your metal structures, machinery, equipment, and automotive parts. Our formula is specially designed to offer superior protection against rust and corrosion, even in harsh and corrosive environments.
Our zinc galvanizing spray can also be used for repairs and touch-ups over galvanized surfaces that have been damaged or worn away, providing a quick and easy way to restore protection to your metal surfaces.

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Ports and docks, marine and offshore, farm and other industrial equipment: Steel door and window frames, fences, gates, garage doors, trailer and caravan chassis, couplings, internal car body panels, structural steel and guard rails, welded seams, drains and boilers, storage tanks, piping and fittings etc.

Our zinc galvanizing spray is suitable for use on a wide range of metal surfaces, including: Steel structures and fences, Steel doors and window frames, Gates, Garage doors, trailer and caravan chassis, internal car body panels, Pipelines and tanks, Automotive and marine parts, Machinery and equipment, Gl and MS nuts, bolts & hooks, Gl railing, Gl grating platforms, Towers and transformers, Power Generation, welded structure etc.

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