Heat Sink Compound

SPN - 23

Sanpra® HEAT SINK GREASE  Stable at continuous operating temperatures up to 220°C with the same unique advantages of our standard silicone based heat sink compound. Nonflammable, oxidation resistant, and does not promote rust or corrosion. No bleed; excellent thermal resistance and high thermal conductivity; efficient thermal coupler; effective and positive heat sink sealers and heat transfer agent. 5-year minimum shelf life. Compatible with rubber and plastic.

Sanpra® HEAT SINK GREASE milky, non-curing and non-flowing thermally conductive compound . SANPRA thermally conductive compounds are grease like silicone materials, heavily filled with heat-conductive metal oxides. This combination promotes high thermal conductivity, low bleed and high-temperature stability. The compounds are designed to maintain a positive heat sink seal to improve heat transfer from the electrical device or PCB system assemblies to the heat sink or chassis, thereby increasing the overall efficiency of the device or PCB system assemblies are continually designed to deliver higher performance.


Sanpra® HEAT SINK compound is applied to the base and mounting studs of transistors, diodes and silicon-controlled rectifiers. It can also serve as an effective thermal coupler for many heat sink devices where efficient cooling is required. It is also suitable for aircraft engines where heat sink properties are required. This product has also been used as a high-voltage corona suppressant, nonflammable coating in connections for flyback transformers and TV sets and similar applications.

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