SPN - 1833

Sanpra’s Instant Rust Remover is a powerful spray that targets and dissolves stubborn rust. It is
essential for maintaining the integrity and functionality of various metal components and structures.
It's formulated to act quickly, penetrating through the corrosion to restore metal surfaces without
causing any additional damage. This rust remover quickly dissolves and eliminates rust from metal
surfaces, ensuring your equipment and structures are maintained in top condition.

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Key Features:

● Dissolves & Remove Rust: Specially designed to break down and clear away rust, restoring metal surfaces to their original condition.
● Fast Penetration: The remover works quickly, seeping into even the tightest spaces to start the rust removal process without delay.
● Protection Against Corrosion: Not only does it remove existing rust, but it also provides a protective layer to guard against future corrosion.

● Does Not Corrode Metals: Safe for use on various metal surfaces as it won’t cause any further corrosion or damage.
● Moisture Displacement: Effectively displaces moisture to prevent rust from forming again.
● Instant Maintenance: Can be used as a quick fix for rust issues, ensuring continuous maintenance and care.

TDS and MSDS are available on request.

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