Coil Protector

SPN - 13

SANPRA Coil Protector Spray Coating are environmentally friendly  and will provide the ultimate in corrosion protection. SANPRA Coil protector  Spray coating provides corrosion protection on aluminum and copper coils. The spray coating process will ensure a uniform dry film. Corrosion durability will be confirmed through testing to not less than 5000 hours salt spray. Ideally used in areas ,where salt air accelerated rust and decay. Highly  recommended for use in all geographical areas to prolong the life of a unit. When applied properly, coil guard dries quickly and immediately resist salt spray, alcohol,acids and soap solutions. Weather will not blacken it, Coil guard has high dielectric properties and has no effect on heat transfer.

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It is used for air cooled chillers, air-conditioners, condensing units, modular air-handlers, heat exchangers coils, interior and exterior HVAC cabinetery and copper piping.

TDS and MSDS are available on request.

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