Non-Melt High Temperature Grease

SPN - 993

Our quality-tested High Temperature Grease contains EP extreme pressure additive; molybdenum disulfide and graphite have a natural affinity for metal surfaces. This natural affinity for metal surfaces allows this solid lubrication combination to plate themselves to these surfaces in order to form a long-lasting solid lubricant film which not only withstands high temperatures, but also will withstand pressures in excess of 500,000 psi. This long-lasting solid lubricant film provides the metal surfaces of the bearings the superior protection they need especially during periods of high shock loading, extreme pressure and vibration.

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SANPRA NON-MELT HIGH TEMPERATURE GREASE is a synthetic oil-based grease for lubrication of plain and anti-friction    bearings, machine elements operating in high temperature conditions.

SANPRA NON-MELT HIGH TEMPERATURE GREASE containing Extreme Pressure (EP) additives for enhanced load bearing capacity. These greases are formulated with high quality base oils and are fortified with balanced Oxidation and Rust Inhibitors.

It is compounded from a blend of synthetic base fluids and high-quality thickener system. Further, our High Temperature Grease is compounded into these synthetic base fluids and thickener system.

SPN-993 contains molybdenum disulfide. Suitable for various industrial applications.




PACK SIZE: 1 KG, 5 KG, 20 KG & 50 KG

TDS and MSDS are available on request.

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