Throttle Body and Carburettor Cleaner

SPN - 644

SANPRA THROTTLE BODY AND CARBURETTOR CLEANER is used for effectively Cleaning Throttle Body, Throttle Plates, Throttle Body Assemblies, Choke Valves, Choke Controls, Fuel Systems, And Discs.

Powerful blend of solvents and cleaning agents designed to remove dirt, grime, and carbon build-up from the throttle body and carburettor of an internal combustion engine. SANPRA Throttle Body and Carburettor Cleaner is a powerful automotive cleaner capable of adjusting carbon dioxide and hydrocarbon levels in exhaust gases to meet required standards, and helps correct rough idling and stalling issues for improved engine performance and fuel efficiency.

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SANPRA Throttle Body and Carburettor Cleaner is ideal for routine engine maintenance and repair services, including cleaning and dissolving gum, varnish, grease, dirt deposits, and other contaminants found in the intake and throttle valve areas. It is safe for use on all types of throttle bodies and carburetors, as well as oxygen sensors and catalytic converters. This cleaner is also effective for cleaning fuel injectors, linkages, and air intake components. It is highly recommended for cleaning diesel pumps and injectors, automatic chokes, manifold heat control valves, and PCV valves.


TDS and MSDS are available on request.

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