Anti Spatter Spray

Anti Spatter Spray

Sanpra Anti-spatter spray are used to prevent adhesion of unwanted spatter, to the torch or substrate, generated in welding process, especially in CO2, TIG and MIG welding. These agents are helpful in reducing the unnecessary labour costs involved in removal of spatter and improving the finish of the welded parts. Various grades of anti-spatter spray are available. In spite of their excellent performance, silicone based anti-spatter are not used where painting, printing, plating etc are required to be done on the welded articles. In such cases, Silicone free preparations are desirable.

6062CO2300 GRAM

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Sanpra Anti-Spatter Spray is used in welding and metalworking to prevent spatter from sticking to the workpiece or welding equipment during the welding process. Spatter is the molten metal droplets that are expelled from the welding arc and can create a mess on the work surface, as well as potentially cause damage to the welding equipment.

Sanpra Anti-Spatter Spray is typically applied to the workpiece or welding equipment before welding begins. The spray creates a barrier between the metal and the spatter, preventing it from adhering to the surface. This makes it easier to clean up after welding and reduces the need for frequent maintenance of welding equipment.

TDS and MSDS are available on request.

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